The Luxe List Volume 1

Spring is finally here and I know we are all ready for some fun and easy breezy fashion! So here at Luxe Street Boutique we are checking out all of the trends from Spring/Summer Fashion Week and searching high and low to find great items to translate from the runway to your every day life! Here are a few things we are loving for Spring/Summer 2018. Fashion is supposed to be fun, and we hope to bring this fun to you for Spring and Summer. 
Pastels seems like a no brainer for Spring and Summer. The pastel of the  season is lilac! You will also find gorgeous pinks, greens, blues, yellows and peaches and creams to round out your pastel wardrobe. 
Pretty Pretty Princess 
Think of beautiful florals, pretty feminine dresses and tops with lace and flowing silhouettes. Ruffle details and fun bubble sleeves will continue into the season to make your wardrobe more fun and interesting, which will make you a stand out. 
The runways were full of head to toe denim. Now we love denim and all, but let's be honest we aren't likely to go out in a denim suit (think Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake at the 2001 VMA's, if you don't know what I mean look it up). Let's focus more on a chambray dress or top, a cute denim jacket or some great new denim jeans. A denim accessory or a touch of unexpected denim is always fun a great way to show off this trend. 
Panic at the Day Glow Disco
The runways were awash with glitter, glam for Spring/Summer, bringing a fun and care-free attitude. You know I love some super glam glam looks, but little glam does go a long way. It is perfectly acceptable to wear sequins in the day time, maybe a sequin shoulder on a top of a fun dull sequin shirt. If you have a fun event, then my advice is to go full on glam! You can never be over dressed, but you can be under dressed.
Palm Beach Glam
This mashup of swirly prints, rainbow colors and sun drenched style will give you a Pucci meets Versace meets Lily Pulitzer vibe. Think lots of fun tropical prints mixed with a preppy look and lots of jewelry. I am obsessed with gorgeous bright pint silks and banana leaf prints on everything! 
Sheer Genius
Transparent dressing isn't going anywhere for Spring Summer 2018. We are not advocating a sheer dress that shows all you are working with (think Beyonce). We are thinking more of a sheer sleeve or a subtle sheer top with a pretty bralette or a cami underneath, a beautiful organza detailing or even a transparent plastic bag or accessory to bring this look into your life.
Mad for Plaid
Plaid is always a popular trend for fall and winter and this year it is continuing into Spring. Be on the lookout for red and blue check prints, tiny gingham plaids and more bright and bold plaids. Maybe grab a plaid statement short for the season or a cute gingham dress for a little folksy vibe.
Fringe Benefits
Another iteration of the maximalist mood – major statement fringing, swishing across necklines, hemlines, bags…you name it. Think fringe dresses, fringe on your tops, fringe on your handbags and fringe jewelry. 

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